Business Law

A Tripoli court has ordered Libya al-Ahrar to pay compensation to Libya al-Riyadiyah for infringing its copyright by showing games from the Libyan football league.
The EU Council has amended its 2011 sanctions against Libya, taking measures to prevent "illicit crude oil transactions" and removing two entities from the asset freeze list.
The Libyan Judges Organization (LJO) threatens action against a government decision to cancel a planned pay increase for public-sector legal staff.
Last year's tribunal decision to award $935m (LD1.2bn) in compensation to Kuwait's Kharafi Group from the Libyan government was the second-biggest payout of its type, says a UN body.
A recent economy ministry ruling amends Decision 207 of 2012, easing capital requirements but freezing the set-up of representative offices.
The spokesman of the General National Congress (GNC) says the body has yet to define the terms of legislation that will try to clarify the ownership of property seized by the previous regime.
The Ministry of Justice has published a white paper on Islamic law in Libya, saying it agrees with a General National Congress (GNC) decision which makes sharia the basis of all legislation.