Various community and civil society leaders from the Jebel Nafusa area held a recent meeting to discuss introducing Amazigh teaching into local schools.
Libya's Ministry of Higher Education held a recent meeting to assess the current status of universities in the country.
Government figures report that just over one million pupils were enrolled in Years 1-9 of basic education in Libya during the 2012 academic year.
Germany's ambassador in Tripoli recently met the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to discuss cooperation opportunities, including the possible opening of a Goethe Insititute.
Libya's interim Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Naim Mohamed Abdulrahman, met the US ambassador to Libya to discuss cooperation opportunities.
The British Council in Libya has signed an agreement to launch a twice-weekly English-language education show on local radio called 'Learn English Radio'.
Senior management from World Learning, a US-based educational NGO, visited Tripoli earlier in 2012 as part of a consortium seeking opportunities with Libya's Ministries of Education and Higher Education.
The GPC of Education and Scientific Research met a delegation from US-based Kennesaw State University to discuss education exchanges, Al Fajar Al Jadeed reported.
The Secretary of the GPC of Education and Scientific Research claimed that more than 485 IT and technical education foundations have been established nationally, Al Jamahiriya reported. 
Al Fateh University in Tripoli has signed a scientific cooperation agreement with the University of Kansas, Al Jamahiriya reported.
Benghazi's Garyounis University says it has signed partnership agreements with the University of Liverpool in the UK and Bocconi University in Italy, Al Fajar Al Jadeed reported.
A workshop was held in Misrata on 18 December to discuss the application of academic research in telecommunications to practical use, and to link the work of educational and industrial institutions, according to Al Fajar Al Jadeed.
Misrata University and the UK’s University of Bedfordshire signed a cooperation agreement on 23 November, Al Jamahiriya reported.
The Watasemo Training Centre, a subsidiary of Libya’s Watasemo Charity Association, has signed an agreement with the Italian International School and the Studio Italia School of Italy to open a language centre in Libya, Al Shams has reported.
UK-based Cranfield University has signed an MOU with Omar Al Mukhtar University for cooperation in the area of natural resource management, according to a regional UK publication, Business Weekly.