Some 35 million textbooks are being printed for the 2014-5 academic year, says the ministry.
The ministry says it will pay out LD230m ($184m) in salaries that were originally due in 2013.
The administrative board of the university says it will reopen next month after being forced to shut in May.
Plans have been approved to send 500 employees abroad to study for masters programmes, but the scheme has been delayed by budget constraints.
Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen is involved in a £315,000 (LD650,000) contract to develop a new course in Libya.
A consortium led by Australia’s Cardno has been awarded a UK government contract, worth up to £28m (LD56m), to support police training in Libya.
At least 18 people are reported to have been killed on 2 June in clashes between Ansar al-Sharia and forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar.
The University of Benghazi has decided to close until next week following inter-militia clashes in the city.
The government has approved a decision to establish a new oil and gas faculty at Zawiya University.
The education ministry has signed contracts for with local firms to build ten new schools in the region, part of a wider plan for 170 new schools nationwide.
The education minister says 336 schools were refurbished in 2013, with more than a thousand to be renovated this year.
The agreement aims to "help higher education students to use Microsoft products to aid their studies".
The Ministry of Labour and Retraining has signed an agreement with its South Korean counterpart to train 1,400 Libyan job-seekers.
Owners and employees from several printing firms held a protest after reports that the education ministry was planning to award a textbook tender to a foreign company.
The Ministry of Education’s Tripoli branch says it has paid some overdue salaries dating back from early 2013, and will transfer the remainder once this year's budget is finalised.