The Sahara Insurance Company (SIC) has signed an agreement to sell Bupa International's private health insurance products to corporate clients in Libya.
Paris-based Ideal Medical Products Engineering (IMPE) has won a contract to build a new wing at a hospital in Libya's second city.
Libya's Ministry of Health says it has appointed an international auditing firm to assess unpaid medical bills in Jordan and other countries, including Greece.
Jordan's Private Hospitals Association (PHA) has condemned a decision by the Libyan health ministry to cancel the contract of an auditor appointed to verify unpaid invoices relating to medical treatment in Jordan for wounded Libyans.
Libya's Minister of Health, Fatima Hamrouch, has criticised a government programme to provide overseas medical treatment to Libyans, saying not all those travelled abroad were injured.
Private clinics from Bologna and Benghazi establish a partnership for training and assistance.
Libya's Ministry of Health has signed an agreement with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to establish a new disesase research centre in Libya.
The Libyan government's representative in Athens says that the country will pay half of the €150m (LD233m) owed to Greek hospitals and hotels which treated wounded Libyan fighters. 
A Libyan official has said that Libya "will pay" its outstanding bills to private hospitals in Jordan, but did not provide a specific timeline for settling the payments.
Libya's interim government has published a resolution confirming a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the health ministry and the UK Department of Health.
The two sides are to appoint a third-party company to audit the Libyan government's unpaid medical bills in Jordan, which are believed to amount to tens of millions of dollars.
Fawzi Hammuri, the head of Jordan's Private Hospitals Association, has urged the Libyan government to pay its outstanding bills for the hospital treatment of fighters wounded in the 2011 conflict. 
A delegation of Tunisian doctors and medical specialists visited Nalut, in western Libya, in early June to provide assistance and explore areas of cooperation.
A delegation from Libya's Ministry of Health visited Dubai this week to discuss cooperation and opportunities with institutions from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).
Private Greek hospitals have reportedly refused to accept any further Libyan patients since February 2012 because of mounting bills owed by the interim Libyan government.