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The Sirte Oil Company (SOC), a subsidiary of the state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC), has issued eight new tenders for maintenance and construction work.
According to state officials, operations at several oil terminals in north-east Libya have restarted after protesters forced a temporary shutdown to coincide with the 7 July elections.
Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) issued a press release criticising Anglo-Dutch energy company Shell over its decision to withdraw from its exploration programme in the country.
Libya's oil output was down by 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) on the eve of the 7 July national elections, according to state officials, with export operations at several major terminals still closed by protesters.
Various reports indicate that armed groups have forced a shutdown of operations at two oil terminals as part of demands for greater political recognition for north-east Libya ahead of elections on 7 July.
The Algerian state-owned energy company has invited companies to prequalify for services related to its oil exploration programme in western Libya, where it intends to begin drilling in October.
The Algerian state-owned energy company has resumed its exploration work near Zintan, in western Libya, in line with timings announced last month.
An official at Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) has said that Libya's largest refinery will not resume operations in early July, as had previously been expected.
German energy company expects to miss target date for launch of oil production from its concessions in Libya.
Germany's Wintershall says its Libya output has returned to 70% of pre-war levels, and is currently building a new export pipeline in partnership with state-owned Libyan oil companies.
Libya's Minister of Oil and Gas, Abdurrahman Ben Yezza, has said that no new production-sharing agreements will be offered in 2012 but existing terms could be revised in the future.
Senior management from Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) met representatives from POCG this week regarding the resumption of the company's gas exploration work in Libya.
UK-based energy firm BP, which recently announced it would resume its oil exploration programme in Libya, has invited technical and support service companies to register their interest for future contracts.
Turkish oil refiner Tupras has signed a deal to buy one million tonnes of crude oil from Libya, according to Turkey's energy minister.
The state-owned Sirte Oil Company (SOC) says that production was restored last week at its Sahel gas field in north-east Libya.