Speaking at its annual meeting last month, Monoprix's General Manager says the retailer must wait for greater stability.
Malta's ROCS Group, which franchises the Inglot cosmetics brand in Libya, has opened a new store in Benghazi.
Algeria's Général Emballage, the country's largest cardboard packaging company, has signed an agreement to distribute its products in the Libyan market.
The head of one of Libya's largest trading and retail groups told Reuters that sales had dropped by a fifth over the past three months, blaming consumer confidence.
A new 1,900 square metre Monoprix supermarket, around twice the size of the first store, has opened its doors in the capital.
The Husni Bey Group is preparing to open a 1,200m² retail outlet in Misrata early next year, the company told the Libya Monitor, with several international retail brands set to launch in the city. 
UK clothing retailer Debenhams opened its first store in Tripoli in early September, with plans for branches in other cities.
Tunisia's SNMVT, which last year formed a partnership to launch Monoprix supermarkets in Libya, plans to open its second branch in November and two more next year.
The photography and imaging firm has agreed partnership deals with two Libyan firms, and says that the country holds "tremendous potential".