Two Greek F&B franchises have signed agreements to open 10 stores each in Libya, with the first outlets expected to launch by the summer.
The franchise, which was originally expected to open its first store in late 2012, is the first internationally-branded food retailer in the Libyan market.
The Michele Peresso Group, which operates a range of retail franchises in Malta, is reportedly in the process of opening stores in Libya.
The Husni Bey group has reportedly finalised a contract to bring Monoprix supermarkets to Libya, with plans to open one store in Tripoli before the end of 2012 and several more in early 2013.
The local authorities in Sebha, the largest city in southern Libya, have organised a shopping festival in an effort to boost local businesses and trade.
The National Transitional Council (NTC) has established a new committee tasked with monitoring the prices and quality of goods sold to consumers on the local market.
A temporary committee formed by a local council in Tripoli has recently inspected local shops over worries that expired goods are being sold to consumers.
Libyan franchises of the US-based baked goods and ice cream stores opened recently in Tripoli, with more set to arrive later this year.
Senwan Trading, the Libyan franchisor of a number of international retail brands, has opened several new outlets in 2012 and plans to roll out more stores in Tripoli and Benghazi this year.
The Libyan franchisor of several international retail brands, including Marks & Spencer and Mango, told The Libya Report that it expects 2012 turnover to surpass 2010 levels.
Monoprix Tunisia, a franchise of the French supermarket chain, says it will open stores in Libya in partnership with a major Libyan company.
The Libyan Ownership and Investment Authority (LOIA) will build a new shopping centre, called Jawahar Al Noman, in the Ganfouda area of Benghazi, according to the Al Fajar Al Jadeed.
British retailer Debenhams is considering opening franchises in both Libya and Morocco in order to meet an international sales target of £600m by August 2012.