In a meeting with prime minister Abdullah al-Thanay, the Russian ambassador said his country was willing to participate in training Libya’s police force.
A total of 300 soldiers have left Libya to receive special training in the UK, the first of four batches to be sent.
More Libyan soldiers are due in Italy as part of a plan to train 2,000 army personnel.
Security officials say they have witnessed a fall in illegal immigration after a trench was dug around the oasis town of Jalu in eastern Libya.
The government has approved funding of LD30m ($24m) and LD15m ($12m) to boost security measures in Benghazi and Sebha respectively.
Quoted in the local press, Russia’s ambassador to Libya says Moscow has supplied supersonic anti-tank missiles to the Libyan army, part of a contract originally agreed before the 2011 conflict.
Work is continuing on a trench around the oasis town of Jalu in eastern Libya, which aims to reduce illegal immigration.
Abdulsalam al-Obaidi issued a statement condemning both the defence ministry and the government, saying they have hindered the army’s growth by limiting its budget and not approving contacts.
Libya has made a request to the US government to buy equipment and training for 6,000 to 8,000 soldiers, a contract potentially worth some $600m (LD750m).
The General National Congress (GNC) declared a state of emergency in southern Libya after serious clashes in and around Sebha, the region's largest city, with fighter jets continuing to patrol the area on Monday.
The Libyan army has sent 400 soldiers to Italy to receive training as part of wider efforts to integrate former fighters into the national army.
The government has given permission to the interior ministry to buy four firefighting helicopters from France-based Eurocopter at a cost of LD67m ($53.6m).