The government has given permission to the University of Tripoli to begin contracting for a number of projects, totalling over LD140m ($112m), to renovate and expand the campus.
The tenders committee of the Ministry of Education says it has begun assessing proposals from companies bidding to build and renovate 200 kindergartens across the country.
BBC Media Action, the broadcaster’s charity wing, will train 50 members of the state news agency LANA from January 2014.
The government has given the go-ahead for the Ministry of Education to buy 500 temporary classroom units.
The Ministry of Education has published a list of high schools that have approval to teach an Islamic curriculum.
Plans to build 10 new schools in Zliten, Sirte, and Bir al-Ghanam were approved today by the Ministry of Education.
The Ministry of Education says that schools throughout Libya are open, after a call for strikes from a teachers' union to demand better conditions.
The Al Jebel Al Gharbi University is set to expand, with five new faculties in different parts of the region.
The TriHuman Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) says it has signed a deal worth $95m (LD119m) to build a vocational centre, as well as train Libyan nationals in Korea.
A Turkish firm has been awarded a LD10m ($8m) deal to construct “temporary buildings” to help ease overcrowding on the existing campus.
A statement released by the Ministry of Education says that pupils from most Arab countries are exempt from paying school fees in Libya.
A new Ministry of Education statement requests schools not to separate pupils by gender unless they have obtained explicit permission to do so by the ministry.
The Warriors Affairs Commission (WAC) has signed an agreement with Malaysia's Open University to send 2,000 Libyans for technical and vocational training.
Libya’s interim government plans to invest €22.4m (LD37.4m) in educational projects in Malta, which includes setting up a vocational training centre on the island.
The new academic year in Libya began in early September, with schools having to cope with shortages of books, teachers and security issues.