Manufacturing & Industry

A first batch of garbage trucks to be used by the Benghazi Public Services Company has arrived at Misrata’s port.
The safety department at the Benina International Airport has purchased 14 vehicles.
The state-owned plant, near Sirte, is now reportedly packaging 12,000 litres per day of fresh milk, and has also increased its output of cheese and yogurt.
Unknown gunmen reportedly attacked a plant owned by the National Mills Company in Sebha, which has completely burnt down.
The Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser Company (Lifeco) plant in Brega reopened last month after being shut down in January when local militia blocked the site.
Q1 figures suggest the state-controlled cement producer's revenues are on course to surpass 2013 levels.
A number of decisions have been approved by the cabinet, including a preliminary go-ahead for a 664 hectare "industrial city" in Derna.
Libya's Industry Union has signed a contract with Sahara Insurance to provide cover for its members.
The Zliten Local Council has given permission to the Al-Nasr Cement Company to build a new cement plant in the town.
Industry minister Suleiman al-Fituri met with the senior management of the Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF) to discuss challenges facing Al Enmaa Pipe Manufacturing.
At next month's general meeting, the cement producer says it intends to discuss future strategy and plans to find a foreign investor for its gypsum plant.
One of Libya's largest manufacturers of dairy products has opened two new production lines at its main factory in Misrata.