Libya "to launch space programme"

In the News | 01-04-2014

In a surprise move, the interim government has announced plans to send a Libyan into space by 2020.

An unnamed official cited in the local press said today that a new national space agency would be created to run the project, which aims to lift off by the end of the decade.

Its first mission has been provisionally titled the Astrological Pan-Galactic Revolution In Libya (APRIL-1), although the name is still subject to GNC approval.

"Despite the security situation, financial crisis, political deadlock and widespread labour unrest in the country, we felt this was definitely worth spending lots of money on,” said the official, who described the project as a "top priority".

"The programme will have a budget of LD100bn ($80bn), although we're not really sure yet where the funds will come from.”

Despite the announcement, there are already reports of arguments over whether the shuttle will blast off  from Tripoli or Benghazi.

“This is under discussion and we will decide on it very soon, probably in 2018,” said the official.

The news has however prompted concerns among motorists that the mission could reduce the amount of gasoline available on the local market.

Long queues were already forming at Tripoli petrol stations this morning.

Written by: Flair Loop