Scholars condemn port closures

In the News | 16-01-2014

A group of Islamic scholars in Libya has published its view on the oil port closures that are severely restricting government income, describing it as a "plan to tear the country apart."

Below is an excerpt of the joint statement, issued by nine Libyan scholars and Imams on 15 January.

“The scholars of Libya express their strong disapproval and their complete rejection of the continued suspension of oil exports from Libyan ports, whether [because] of the so-called “Cyrenaica Bureau” or any other group, and we consider [this action] a transgression against the entire Libyan people and a threat to their livelihood.

It is necessary to resist this by all means… it is now apparent that, after the group’s refusal to end the crisis and the visits of a number of official and unofficial delegations over the past six months to try to find a peaceful settlement, that this is not simply a plan to seek more rights…but a plan to separate and tear the country apart and create a civil war.

The scholars put the blame for this crisis on the so-called “Cyrenaica Bureau”, which only represents itself and is seeking to impose its will on the Libyan people. We call on the families of these people to tell their children to stop their transgressions.

We call on the entire Libyan nation, the government, and the General National Congress (GNC) to take its responsibility against this outlaw group, and not allow them to extort the Libyan people and seize their resources."

The statament was issued by Libya's deputy mufti Ghaith al-Fakhiri and eight other scholars.

Written by: Libya Monitor