The government bought 50,000 tonnes of wheat from Russia this week, according to trade reports.
Mustafa Abu Fanas says stocks of basic foodstuffs are at sufficient levels, with the ministry to help import additional meat supplies to cover ongoing shortfalls in domestic production.
The Libyan Export Promotion Centre (LEPC) plans to survey domestic date production and host a fair in October to support local farmers and boost exports.
Ahmed al-Urfi has stepped down for personal reasons, the prime minister has confirmed, with a replacement set to be named soon.
Libya's Minister of Agriculture has said that unregistered imports of livestock and poultry were a major factor in the outbreak of Newcastle disease, and calls for tighter measures to be introduced.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock says it has distributed some 1.2 million saplings to various parts of the country during the 2012-3 season.
The Ministry of Agriculture says that the virus responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of poultry has been confirmed as Newcastle disease.
Farmers in Tobruk have said that over 50,000 birds have died in the past four days, following reports of similar deaths in other parts of the country.
Reports of poultry and livestock deaths in Benghazi come shortly after an outbreak of a virus in the Jebel Nafusa area of the country.
India's Minister of State for External Affairs has made the country's highest-level visit since 2007, holding high-level meetings and expressing interest in a long-term oil supply deal.
An outbreak of Newcastle disease has reportedly caused a large number of poultry deaths in the Jebel Nafusa area of western Libya.
The state grain-buying agency has recently purchased 50,000 tonnes of wheat, according to Reuters.
Ireland has sent almost 3,000 heads of cattle to Libya, its first live shipment to the country for more than 16 years.
The Ministry of Agriculture aims to plant more than 350,000 cypress and casuarina trees across Libya in 2013.
A report in the Irish press says that 2,900 cows will be shipped to Libya next month, the first exports to the country since the lifting of a 15 year-old ban in 2012.