Jordan's Private Hospitals Association (PHA) says the global accountancy and advisory firm has been hired to audit invoices charged to Libyan patients treated in Jordan, with outstanding payments still disputed. 
As a dispute over unpaid bills remains unresolved, Jordan's state news agency reports that the country's hospitals will no longer accept Libyan patients whose treatment is being paid for by the Libyan government.
The local authorities in Benghazi are planning to launch a campaign to vaccinate children against various diseases.
Jordan's health minister says the Libyan government has made a $40m (LD50) payment towards outstanding hospital bills for Libyan nationals who received treatment in Jordan during and after the 2011 conflict.
Libya is one of 12 countries to endorse a new World Health Organisation (WHO) treaty designed to tackle the illegal tobacco trade.
Civil society groups in Sebha have urged the government to take immediate steps to improve security at the largest hospital in the city, which serves a large catchment area in southern Libya.
A Canadian company has won a LD2.6m ($2.1m) contract to supply and install medical gas equipment at a hospital in Tripoli.
A Florence-based company has won a contract with the Ministry of Health to handle the disposal of medical waste.
The Ministry of Health has issued an announcement for foreign pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers who have submitted registration details to the ministry.
Fatima Hamrouch, who was recently replaced as Minister of Health and has now returned to work in Ireland, says she became a "marked woman" after trying to tackle large-scale corruption of public funds.
The developer of the Libyan European Hospital, which is under construction in Benghazi, told The Libya Report that it plans to be operational by the end of next year.
The Ministry of Health has opened new dental, physiotherapy and radiology facilities at a clinic in Kufra, south-east Libya.
The Sahara Insurance Company (SIC) has signed an agreement to sell Bupa International's private health insurance products to corporate clients in Libya.
Paris-based Ideal Medical Products Engineering (IMPE) has won a contract to build a new wing at a hospital in Libya's second city.
Libya's Ministry of Health says it has appointed an international auditing firm to assess unpaid medical bills in Jordan and other countries, including Greece.