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The state-owned Benghazi property is being refurbished by a Turkish company.
The Islamic affairs ministry says 5,600 Libyans will attend the Hajj this year, with pilgrims having to pay more to compensate for lower government grants.
The government has allocated 30% of Libya's Hajj allocation for families who lost relatives during the 2011 conflict, but will be giving less financial support than in evious years.
The government has allocated the funds towards celebrations and events for the Arab Capital of Culture, which has been given to Tripoli for 2014.
The government said it will pay 25% of all Hajj expenses for individuals with "limited incomes", and allocates LD3m ($2.4m) for the pilgrimage fund for 2014.
Official Tunisian figures show more Libyans visited the country than any other nationality during the first three months of the year.