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The Bahari Beach Hotel, located in the Tanzanian capital of Dar es-Salaam and owned by the Libyan Arab African Investment Company (LAICO), remains closed due to contractual and management issues.
Recent statistics from the Tunisian government showed that Libyan nationals accounted for some 49% of all foreign arrivals to Tunisia in the first quarter of 2012.
Libya's Deputy Prime Minister, Omar Abdul Karim, claims the government has transferred $56m to Jordan to cover hotel bills for Libyan nationals in Jordan, and will soon pay the outstanding balance.
US-based hotel company Marriott International announced the opening of its JW Marriott Hotel  in Tripoli on 15 February.
A US-based cruise operator, Azamara Club Cruises, has added Tripoli as a destination for an October 2012 Mediterranean cruise.
The restored Ain Al Fares Hotel will open at the launch of the 15th Ghadames International Festival in October, according to Al Shams.
The JW Marriott hotel in Tripoli has again delayed its opening, Al Fajar Al Jadeed reported, with the launch now expected to take place in March.
Tripoli has stepped in to bid for the 2013 Mediterranean Games after Greece was removed as host, according to the Associated Press news agency.
Crystal Cruises, a luxury cruise and tour company based in the US, has added Libya as a destination on one of its Mediterranean cruises.
Benghazi’s Ouzu Hotel has closed to carry out an eight- to 12-month renovation programme, according to Al Fajar Al Jadeed. 
The opening ceremony for the JW Marriott hotel in Tripoli will take place in January 2011, according to Al Fajar Al Jadeed, which reports that the delivery process between the contractor, South Korea’s Daewoo E&C, and the operator company, JW Marriott, has already been completed.
Targets for Libya’s tourism industry and 2009 performance statistics were published on 29 December in Al Shams.
The Grand Hotel (also known as the Al Kabir) in Tripoli will start to undergo renovation later in December, Oea reported.
The Libyan Investment and Development Company (LIDCO) and Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) have signed a contract for the management of a new hotel in Benghazi, the Oea newspaper reported.
In May 2010 the Libyan government announced that it would relax the tourist visa process for US citizens, allowing them to apply in the same way as most other nationalities. In the same month, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi suggested that visa applications for all nationalities would soon be simplified and improved.